Deep Oscillation is a patented therapy which is delivered via massage or applicators. A therapeutically beneficial electrostatic field is created in the tissue segment undergoing treatment.  As the vinyl gloved hands or applicators glide over the tissue, the tissue layers are attracted and released up to 250 per second (250 Hz).

Deep Oscillation permeates a clinically proven depth of 8cm. No pressure is required to achieve effects making it an ideal treatment for Lipoedema.  It is gentle, relaxing and pleasant. Pain is significantly reduced, inflammation suppressed, the oedema element of lipoedema is reduced, bruising resorbs. Where present, fibrosis is tackled effectively, limbs feel lighter and mobility is enhanced.

In treatment, the patient holds a titanium element in the palm of their hand or it is placed between their toes. The Therapist is connected via an electrode adhered to their arm and they put on a pair of vinyl gloves which act as the semi-conductor for the therapy to work. Powder is applied to the area, which helps the therapy to glide over the skin once the massage begins.  A normal treatment is around 30 minutes and is very relaxing, reducing pain and improving mobility within 10-15 minutes.